13+ Evergreen Credit Card Safety Tips To Keep Your Card Safe

Who wouldn’t want to get things that they like just by clicking from the comfort of their couch? But with comfort comes risks.

Ordering things online from your credit card can be convenient but risky as well. So let us have a look at ways to protect yourself from online fraud that you might not want to face while making a purchase or doing an online transaction.

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Make payments on trusted websites

Before proceeding to pay, make sure that the website in which you are entering your card details is genuine and you can have trust in that website. Do not click on links Or emails that would redirect you to the particular website. It is always advised to write the website URL on the search bar of the browser rather than clicking on an email or link provided.

Check whether the website is encrypted or not by having a look at its URL.

One card, every payment

Always try to maintain only a single card for every purchase or payment that you make. This will help you to keep an eye on your purchases. One card for every transaction will help you to be safe from exposing your multiple bank accounts to hackers.

Have a talk with your bank and enable the services to receive email and SMS on your mobile phones every time you make a purchase. In this way, you can keep a check upon your purchases and transaction and if something suspicious happens you can report it immediately to the bank or the card issuer.

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Credit card details

You should always be careful while handling your credit card details. These things are highly confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone. Even if they are your close friend or relatives. Do not ever disclose your card details as it could be a worse step that you could take.

Keep your credit card with yourself

This is the very basic safety rule that everyone should follow. Always try to keep your credit card as close to you as possible. Do not hand over your card to anybody, no matter how much you trust them.

The day from when you start keeping your credit card with yourself most of your problems would automatically get resolved.

Viruses and malware

Always keep your personal computer or laptop equipped with advanced antivirus or anti-spyware software. This software will protect you from online hackers and will protect your details in the digital world. Always rely on well-known and trusted antivirus and anti-spyware software rather than clicking on the ads of any other antivirus software. As these could be a scam and could also help in collecting your data.

So be wise while choosing the antivirus software that you would install on your device.

Computer in Public places

Avoid using your credit and debit cards on public laptops or computers. There is a high chance that spyware software might be installed on them to steal your personal data.
They store your details once you enter them into that computer and then could use that against you.

You can use your personal computer or wifi instead but it’s not 100% secure either. Hackers can have access to the same wifi signal that you might be using. But still, they are comparatively safer than public computers.

Use online wallet apps

It’s always advised to use an online wallet app for your transaction to an unknown site if you want to. These apps are google pay, Samsung pay app, apple pay, etc.

They are safer than using your credit card directly on any website. To use such apps you need to add money to the wallet and then you are ready to go.

Fake emails and calls

You will receive a number of fake emails and calls to offer you discounts, coupons or offers that would sound too good to be true. Do not fall for such traps. First of all they would try to capture you in the honeytrap by telling you about the offers and then extract your card details from you. They might sound reliable to you but always be aware, before proceeding any further.

Secure entry page

Before entering your details make sure that the page is secured. You can check that by looking at the URL of the website. If it contains a lock next to the URL. It is encrypted and is somewhere safe.

Monthly statements

You should always keep a check on the monthly statement of your credit cards. Always see whether the transactions that have been done are done by you or not. And if you doubt anything report it to your bank as soon as possible.

Try not to save your card details online

It’s better to enter your card details every time you visit the site instead of saving it in order to save your few minutes. Saving your credit card details could be unsafe as the site could collect the information of your card from the saved data.

Signature and pins

Some People set the pins of their credit card very simple in order to remember it. But it could be highly dangerous. Keep your pin something which is closely related to you and could also be easily remembered by you.

Whenever you get a card, always remember to sign at the back of it, it would not only help you to identify your card when it’s lost but also protect it from getting misused by the thief.

Keep changing your pin very often. Sometimes it might happen that someone might see your pin, in that case, if you keep changing the pin, they would not be able to track down your pin.

Stay in touch with your bank

Stay in touch with your bank as much as you can. Keep your bank updated with any major changes that you make i.e, if you are moving abroad or if you have changed your address or anything related to your billing and statements etc. Always keep your bank informed and keep an eye on the important updates and ongoing offers that your bank makes.

In case you misplace your card, inform your bank immediately and get your new card issued as soon as possible.

So these are some common ways to keep your credit card safe and secure.

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