How to Use Namso?

Namso is a Credit Card Generator and mainly used to generates both valid and demo credit cards. To use Namso you have to add your 6 or 5 Digit BIN in . After adding the BIN you will get Generated cards according to the BIN. Use those cards for testing purpose.

We highly encourage peoples to use their real cards whenever necessary. You can also visit our updated credit card generator Namso for more accurate cards. You can read our our Privacy policy and our Terms and Conditions for more legal information about Namso gen.

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How does namso work?

Namso card generating principle is depends upon LUNH Algorithm (is a simple checksum formula used to validate a variety of identification numbers, such as credit card numbers, IMEI numbers, Canadian Social Insurance Numbers.) and gives you some random generated Credit Cards which will be used only for testing and experimental purpose on your Ecomm sites or your Payment gateways to check the vulnerability in your system. If you have any questions or other queries about namso then kindlyvisit our Contact us page to reach us.

How to check namso credit card checker?

To check namso simply check the generated cards in any CC checker. And we are sure that you will get almost 99% Live and valid cards during the card generation./p>

How do i get names of VCC in namso website?

You can’t get the names of VCC in namso website but there is a way, After generating the cards from Namso you have to add them in your Payment gateways for testing. At the time you add the cards, The Gateway will show you wheather it is Mastercard, VISA or American Express etc..

Who created namso?

Namso is created by our team of programmers who are based in the USA. We created this Generator for just testing purpose. Any unethical use of this generator is strictly prohibited. You can also check more details in About us Section.